What is SkyX Token

Earned revenues tokenized  using SkyX

SkyX Token is the method applied to convert conventional user revenues generated by activities on Sukai to a transparent and secure form using blockchain technology.

SkyX Token is rewarded to the value of the revenue generated and earned by each user and user becomes eligible to redeem this in the open or internal marketplace such as exchanges or in-app redemption.


Competitive Advantage

Sukai and SkyX token seamlessly create an ecosystem within the blockchain incorporating WEB3, layer 2 protocols, Defi and NFT’s to a multilayer secure network via both ERC20 and BSC chains.

Blockchain Infrastructure

Integrates blockchain technology to provide unique identities for each node.

Easy Token Integration

Every node has its own token. You can earn tokens by simply using and engaging activities on Sukai mobile App.

Global System and Secure

An exciting social media application catering to a global audience of users, providing best data security and elevating data misuse or exploitations.

Token Metrics

* Total supply 8 888 888 888


The Timeline

With help from our teams, contributors and investors these are the milestones we are looking forward to achieve.


SUKAI Mobile App

Once you have installed Sukai mobile app, you have joined the global ecosystem and you are on your way to monetizing your engagements and data if you so choose. After all our time is our most valuable asset and our data is ours.

Sukai offers the following services all in one application allowing you to perform as many social media activities in a singular convenient application

      • Engage Content and Advertising
      • Social Marketplace
      • Chat
      • Post
      • Like
      • Comment
      • Forums
      • And more to be announced

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Sukai?

Sukai is a social media application which will be available on both Android and Apple (IoS) and allow users to control, monetize their data for their personal benefit while still interacting with social media via chat, posting, engagement and various activities as thy currently do on various social media platforms.

Do i need a Crypto wallet to use Sukai?

No, you do not need a Crypto wallet to use Sukai, you earn real revenues from activities in app engagements and have the choice and freedom to not only redeem the SkyX token assigned to you, within the in-app marketplace or via cryptocurrency exchanges or wallets.

Is my Privacy protected?

Yes, you have the choice to choose your privacy levels or settings, to share or not to share, this does not affect your ability to use Sukai for any or all your social media needs, however the level of data you choose to share, if at all will only affect your rewards somewhat as your as your personal revenue stream may be minimized on the basis of no data being collected or stored and therefore not creating a user behavior profile but this still does not stop you from earning from advertising engagements.

How much does Sukai cost?

Sukai is free to use or install, instead of spending money to use the services you will now be paid to do so.

What Governance is applied within Sukai?

Sukai establishes a decentralized community governance allowing everyone using Sukai and has earned or purchased SkyX token to participate by voting, proposing and improvements within the Sukai and SkyX ecosystem.

What DeFi features does Sukai and SkyX utilize?

Sukai aims to to create a monetary system, incentivizing active users to take control of their data and privacy and in turn make money for themselves by doing so, benefiting from 3rd party buyers and advertisers as currently done by mainstream media platforms. Not only creating a real return via SkyX token but allowing the user to further participate through - Traditional staking Locking up SkyX Token for specified period of time and earning a high yield return on tokens staked. -Liquidity Staking In addition to traditional staking, liquidity staking attracts additional yield and in turn supports the markets for all token holders creating and additional high yield return.

On which Chains can I stake SkyX Token?

SkyX token can be staked on both the ERC20 and BSC networks allowing a greater market penetration and community participation.

Why an NFT?

Non-Fungible token allows a user"s data to be anonymously stored on the blockchain in an encrypted coded manner, free from misuse or duplications, hence ensuring the users data remains their own and only on sale of this data does the user consent to the 3rd party accessing and using their data.

How do I the user benefit from the sale of data?

When a user's data is sold using the NFT format it can be sold or auctioned to the highest bidder and its done in a transparent manner captured on the blockchain, ensuring accountability and transparency.

If I'm a data sharing user am I only going to make money once on my data?

No, using a unique signature and encryption key, your profile can continue to evolve and additional NFT's on the your behalf can be created allowing you a continuous revenue stream from your activities.

Can i retain my personal NFT?

Yes, NFT's can be returned to you, meaning your data always remains your own and you only rent the data to a 3rd party or service for a limited period of time, just as you rent out an apartment. After the stipulated period the NFT is returned to you the rightful owner and you can choose to repeat this cycle on a continuous basis earning you a constant revenue flow.

How does SkyX and Sukai integrate?

SkyX token is the native inhouse token of Sukai, SkyX is rewarded to user against the value of their and represents the real revenue the user has created for themselves by using Sukai. it is not limited to sale or renting on NFT's only but for any additional revenues created by advertising engagement or any other monetary activities with Sukai.

Can i only earn SkyX token while using Sukai?

No, SkyX token will be listed and traded on various exchanges, both decentralized and centralized exchanges and whether you a Sukai user or not will be able to acquire or trade SkyX tokens allowing the community to grow both in open market place or within the captured network..

SkyX token uses what blockchain?

SkyX token is created on the ERC20 network but using the binance bridge SkyX will not only exist on the ERC20 chain but the BSC chain aswell. SkyX will release its own software which will be added to the SkyX staking system as well as the Sukai internal market place which will allow users to swop seamlessly from the ERC to BSC chains or visa versa.

How does SkyX token translate to monetary value?

SkyX represents the real revenue created by you the user and these real funds are assigned using SkyX as the metric to represent the value of your earnings. These funds are entered into the market to support the value and the liquidity of SkyX token and in the instance you decide to sell your SkyX token these funds will be used to support the buy back process.


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